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Language Solutions for Attorneys and Law Firms


Our interpreters and translators have specific certifications and solid legal backgrounds.

During the last 6 years, inLingo has provided interpretation and translation services to various clients: Law firms and attorneys, courts, healthcare, Non-profit organizations, call centers, Banks, financial institutions, etc.

Reliability and stability are two core values our clients look for when choosing an interpretation and translation services provider.

Our Customers Are Part of Our Success


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Every Interpreter in our Team has a solid legal background.

200 + languages, including American Sign Language and Mayan Languages from Central America.

You will have access to Remote on-demand and pre-scheduled services.

Fair pricing. Only pay for what you use.

We comply with every data privacy regulation worldwide.

Our application for on-demand remote interpretation is secure and user-friendly.

200 free minutes of on-demand interpretation as a welcome bonus!


A Few Testimonials



The Polish Interpreter was clear, comfortable, and polite. The Interpreter appeared to be well understood by the defendant appearing before me. The experience left me with a high degree of confidence the language was being accurately translated.

A.M. - County IL


Interpretation - Court: We called on InLingo at the last minute when our regular court interpreter was unexpectedly out sick. The interpreter did a wonderful job interpreting our busy traffic docket.

L.E. - County IL


Tigrinya Interpreter - Court: He was very professional, understood the nature of the hearing, and was very prompt in interpreting the questions and testimony. He was also willing to accommodate the Defense Attorney's request for a few minutes alone to speak with his client.

N.K. - County IL


Thank you for your help this morning. Everyone was raving about the Romanian Interpreter – the court security officer, and one of our staff Spanish interpreters. The high quality of his work was more than evident.

K.E. - County IL


I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of inLingo’s services! Our Judges have been relying on InLingo more frequently as of late, and you are always so easy to navigate and work with! I always get quick responses, too. Thank you all for what you do!

We understand that there are many unknowns when it comes to global communication

To help you understand more about our services and industry, below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. If you need to know more about our services or inLingo as a company, please feel free to Contact Us Now

My client speaks enough English for me to understand what he says, why would I need an interpreter?

How critical is it for you to understand precisely what your client needs? Maybe your client leaves something out because they do not know how to explain it adequately. How critical is it for you that your clients understand every detail you are describing? If you own a bakery, you may be able to get by. But, if your business has anything to do with healthcare, legal or financial services, accurate communication is critical.

My client has a relative that speaks perfect English, why would I need an interpreter?

If your business has anything to do with healthcare, legal, or financial services, it is a huge responsibility to put on a relative. Also, in many instances, clients are not comfortable sharing confidential information in front of a family member or friend.

How can remote interpretation save me time and money?

It saves you time because you can access the service anytime, from any device. It saves you money because you only pay for the minutes of interpretation.

I have a small business and I am not sure how often I will use the service, is there any type of long-term commitment?

There is no commitment. You create an account and use our services as needed.

We have multiple locations and hundreds of employees. How fast can we be up and running with the service and how will you train us?

The process starts by creating an account (or multiple accounts, once for each location, if you prefer), sharing a link with the employees so that each one can create their profile and download the app on their preferred device. No training is necessary. All the information needed will be in a single PDF document.

You can use the app for video calls or just audio.

In all, the time required for signing up is probably 15 minutes.

We like to visit in person, before and after when possible: first because we want to meet you in person, then we can assure the system is working optimally and assess if there are any needed adjustments.

Why is inLingo different?

It is owned and managed by interpreters. Ex: If you had an issue with your car, who would you want to speak to? The mechanic or his secretary.

Even though inLingo’s interpretation service is provided remotely, our goal is to have a more personal relationship with our clients. We have many ways to accomplish that. We offer cutting-edge technology with expert interpreters and translators to create the best experience for our clients.

How do I know if your interpreters are really qualified professionals?

inLingo was founded by an interpreter that attended the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori (Superior School for Interpreters and Translators, Rome, Italy). Besides, our founder received five years of advanced courses in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation as well as technical and literary translation. She does not accept anything less from her team.

The reason why inLingo was founded is to maintain and promote specific standards that professional interpreters are so adamant about protecting. Remote interpretation presents more difficulties for the interpreters; therefore, we are continually studying and developing unique techniques to improve the experience.

Which is better, over the phone or video?

It depends on the circumstances, the settings, and the dynamics. OPI (Over the Phone Interpretation) is usually used more for outbound communications. VRI (Video Remote Interpretation) is best for in house communications, and it is more appreciated by all parties involved.

While both of these technologies are acceptable, VRI calls do appear to have a slightly better call rate. Studies have shown that the length of a VRI call is cut by 50% compared to OPI.

I heard that using Interpreters that work from home is not good?

More and more companies allow their employees to work from home. inLingo always makes sure that the home office of the interpreters is up to our standards of security, privacy, and optimal technology, both during and after the onboarding process.

Why remote interpretation and not in person?

It saves money and time. If you want an interpreter on-site, you will have to pay a minimum of 2 hours and mileage. With remote interpretation, you only pay for the minutes of service, and you can access it right away.

inLingo wants to make the remote interpretation experience as close as possible to the one in person by implementing new techniques.